Here are 10 thoughtful present ideas for a little bundle of joy:

1. Whimsical crib sheets almost as cute as your kid:

Every parent knows there is nothing more adorable than a sleeping baby. As a mom of two, I have found myself countless times silently admiring the beauty of those moments. I have taken thousands of pictures of my babies lying in their cribs, and our crib sheets have become backdrops to so many wonderful memories.

Our crib sheets are made with soft, 100% cotton sateen, 230 thread count. They are lab tested for fabric performance and CPSC compliance. The vibrant prints are made to last wash after wash.

2. Crib & Nursery Mobiles That Will Catch Your Eye ( and Your Baby’s ) Eye!

The best nursery items are the ones that combine function with style—take baby mobiles, for example. They're just plain fun to shop for and decorate with. That’s because there are tons of modern, whimsical and downright gorgeous options on the market. If you're searching for a crib mobile, you've come to the right place. We carry unique baby mobiles that'll grab your (and your little one's) attention. A gorgeous selection of sweet pieces to make your child's nursery or bedroom a beautiful space. Beautiful falling star mobile to hang in nursery.

3. Safe & Sound: Adorable Security Blankets for your baby’s comfort.

Does your baby need something to cuddle to feel safe at nap time? Or would you like them to have a security blanket for self-soothing overnight?

A security blanket can make great newborn baby gift for tired parents. They can also bring babies and toddlers comfort at nap times, or for when you and your baby are away from home. Research has been carried out on the use of security blankets, and their benefits, particularly when the child is away from their mother. Whether a blankie, or a soft toy, these cuddle buddies are thought to aid child development by offering children emotional support, particularly in transitional phases

4. Creative Ways To Capture Your Baby’s Monthly Milestones

There’s so much to do when it comes to welcoming a new baby into the world, especially when it comes to documenting how fast they grow! In addition to just taking tons of photos, a sweet way to mark all those moments is with baby milestone blankets. Basically, they are pre-made blankets with a pretty design and numbers 1-12 to mark days, weeks and years. It makes those monthly photos all the more special, and we’ve rounded up some gorgeous options for you on our website that will break the internet!

5. Beautiful Bella Bunny Knitted Shortall Bundle

What’s more relaxing then watching your baby girl taking a sound sleep in a cozy outfit. This sweet soft 100% cotton knit baby bundle includes all the pieces to welcome baby. The cotton knit shortall is stylish and comfortable with matching crochet shoes and beautiful character blanket. The sweet knit toy is ready to comfort any newborn through her first years, which are sure to be filled with hours of naps, play and discovery.

Check out these adorable options from Baby’s Arrival to gift a newborn baby.

  1. 2. Cable Knit Gift Set
  2. 3. Bella Bunny Shortall Bundle
  3. 4. Bailey Bunny Newborn Pink Set
  4. 5. Bailey Bunny Newborn Grey Set
  5. 6. Hartley Deer Newborn Knit Set

6. Newborn and Infant Mittens, Booties, Hats and Socks That Stay On!

Your little guy or baby girl will look adorable in mittens, booties, hats and socks, but only for as long as they will stay on.  Here are some of our favorites that we carry that look cute and stay on the littlest hands, feet and heads.

  1. 7. Safari Gift Set
  2. 8. Fancy Floral Gift Set
  3. 9. Goumi Smartbox Gift Box
  4. 10. Mitts & Boots Bundle Goumi
  5. 11. Mitts Two Pack
  6. 12. Mitts, Boots and Jamms Bundle Set

7. Brunch is always a good idea.

Brunch is always a good idea, especially with these fun feeding sets. Little ones are incapable of eating without making some kind of mess. Yep, spillage is inevitable, so you’ll definitely need some bibs.

Bibs come in a variety of styles—drool bibs, plastic bibs, bibs with pockets to catch the mess. What should you look for? You’ll want waterproof, easy-to-clean bibs that can contain the overflow and keep your kiddo’s cute outfits pristine (well, relatively). Look for snaps and Velcro closures that can come off easily in case the bib gets caught—but don’t come off so easily baby can remove them. Adjustable straps that grow with baby will allow you to use the bib longer. Here are some of our favorite bibs.

8. The Best Baby Towels and Washcloths for Easy-Breezy Bathtime.

A baby hooded towel wrapped around a freshly bathed baby is heart-meltingly cute, but it’s practical option to boot: The hood covers your little one’s head to help retain their body heat, which is especially important for young babies.

Babies get cold easily, which is why it’s important to have a warm, cuddly towel ready and waiting for them as soon as their bath is finished. Whether you want something cute and silly or organic and silky soft, we’ve got you covered with the best baby towels out there to ensure baby’s bath goes off without a hitch.

9. Precious Baby Keepsakes to Capture Lasting Memories

You’ve heard it from countless parents: The years fly by. (Sorry, but they really do.) Baby will be all grown in the blink of an eye, so make a point of savouring your baby’s early life. One smart way? Gifting baby keepsakes that will be cherished for a lifetime. Pearhead's sonogram frame is the perfect keepsake for always cherishing that special moment, a baby handprint kit to reflect on how amazingly tiny they were, or even a belly cast kit to turn expecting moms bump into a work of art. This adorable kit offers everything you needto capture her belly's truly original shape and cherish forever.

10. Perfect Baby Arrival Gift Set for mom to be and her bundle of joy!

We’ve all been there — the baby shower invite has been sitting on your kitchen counter for weeks but you still don’t have a gift. You want something perfect–something that is cool enough to stand out during present opening, but also something that the new parents can actually use. But where do you begin? We’ve got you covered! Shop our special selection of baby shower gifts here.

From a trendy baby clothing subscription box to a monitor that tracks sleep patterns, we’ve rounded up cute, cuddly, techy, and innovative newborn ready to go baby gift sets  for every budget and every type of parent. Oh, baby! 

Celebrate new life with Baby’s Arrival wide range of baby gifts, newborn essentials, toys, and gifts for expecting moms that will sure leave them with a big smile.

The birth of a new little baby is a momentous occasion to celebrate! From practical gifts to keepsake mementos, we hope those helpful tips will guide you in choosing just the right sentiment. As they say, you can never have too many of the essentials! Items like cozy blankets, bibs, bottles and diapers make great gifts that are sure to be used on a daily basis. These items are especially helpful to new parents that are welcoming their first baby, and will help them be prepared for the little one's arrival.