The arrival of a new-born is a blissful occasion not only for the parents but for the family and friends as well. To celebrate and welcome the newest member of the family, we’ve got you covered with gift ideas you need to turn a nursery into a haven.

Here are 11 thoughtful presents’ ideas for a little bundle of joy:

1. Whimsical crib sheet

Kids really enjoy moving. And that is how they grow! Crib sheets are a perfect match for a modern nursery.


2. Playable cot mobile

Cot mobiles never go of style! It can make a great addition to a baby girl’s nursery.


3. Security Blanket

Trust us! A super-soft security blankie would be a total relief for a newborn baby girl’s parents.


4. Photoshoot Blanket and cards set

It’s always special to see your child grow every second, every minute and every day. So another great idea is to get the milestones gathered and cherished in a photo blanket and cards set.


Attention social savvy moms, this can make a lovely social media post too!


5. Knitted gift set

What’s more relaxing than watching your baby girl taking a sound sleep in a cozy and comfortable cocoon-like setting.


This adorable table knit gift set from baby’s arrival is one great idea to gift a newborn baby girl.


6. Mitts & Boots

This is one of the most intelligent things to gift as it will help the brain and eye development of the little one.


7. Matching gift set

“Girls love Pink” and we cannot agree more!

Although a newborn girl may not have a complete sense of a color choice, but a soft pink knit set is totally going to be soothing for both, the baby and her mama.


8. Soft bath wrap

No matter whether it is a newborn girl or a boy, they are soft as silk. The idea of gifting a soft bath wrap is as thoughtful as it’s cute.


9. Tooth & Curl Keepsakes

This one is for the little girl’s first teeth to be perfectly curl and strong.


10. Organic baby care pack

An infant needs special care from head to toe. This personalized organic set from baby’s arrival has everything that you need for your munchkin’s personal care.


11. Cotton knit bundle

Welcome a little princess with a soft and smooth cotton set that comprises of every piece from blanket, shoes, clothing to a toy.


Choosing a gift for a baby girl may not be a piece of cake but we really hope we made it one for you. Check out our wide range of baby gifts, essentials, toys, mothercare products and more at


P.S Whatever presents you may pick, it is the thoughtfulness and gesture that counts in the end!