Motherhood is one of the most striking and treasured moments in an individual’s life. It is that phase that brings out the true meaning of womanhood. The reason which makes women superior to men is the ability to reproduce! And therefore there are certain things which these expecting mothers should know before the baby arrives.

Welcoming a newborn baby is all an enlighten-up and emotional moment for all the family members, but the one most affected by this for all good reasons is the mother herself. She goes through a lot of physical and mental changes for the same. Therefore here is a list of things every woman who is about to welcome the newborn baby in this world should read and also follows thereafter:

• Taking the required medications is vital for both mother’s and newborn baby’s health.

• What right food to take in what right amount everyone knows, but the crux is one should know what not to eat!

• Mental health should be well-taken care of by the to-be-mom; post parental depression is a very common issue these days which no one talks about in open. Sleepless nights, weak emotional moments, extra care of the newborn baby will be common for the mother; and therefore she should learn to deal with all these.

• Managing weight issues after pregnancy are the new challenge these novice mothers have to face. And one should not follow any harsh procedure for the same. Everything takes its own time!

With so many things, the best thing is to enjoy this precious time and give as much love as one can to the newborn baby.

Relish these moments and make the most of them besides taking good care of own self.

Enjoy Motherhood!