Toys are something that parents start buying before the arrival of a baby. A parent always wants their newborn to have all the best toys in the world and so they try to find the most unique ones for their special one. As easy and exciting as it looks, buying a toy for a babies can be a real challenge. 

Even though there are zillions of toys for newborn babies in the market, the decision to pick up the most appropriate can be tiring.


Your little one spent most of its time sleeping and getting fed but it doesn’t take long for him to start observing and taking interest in the things happening around and the people he is surrounded by. Picking the perfect toy for your newborn will not only help him keep giggling but will also help in developing his senses more efficiently.


It is said that the kids have a strong learning power until the age of five years and can learn anything very easy as their mind grasps things quickly. Hence, the first few months are the start of the learning process as it determines the initials that you want to expose your baby to.

For the first month, soft and cuddly toys are the best for babies as they will help the baby to develop their sense of touch. The colors shouldn’t be very bright as they are still developing their eyesight.


For a two-month-old baby, toys with movement and music should be introduced. Soft wrist rattles is also a good option as babies enjoy them.


As the baby turns three months, it’s time to engage him with the toys that can increase his strength, a baby gym bunny works best as it encourages the baby to raise their heads with a lot of tummy time.


Babies start rolling on the floor as they turn four so it's worth investing in soft crib sheets in order to ensure safety. Also, it's good to place a number of eye-catching objects so that they get attracted to them and try to move towards them and hold them.


Babies are delicate and so should be everything around them so that they do not get hurt in any way because we all know nothing matters more than a happy child to parents.