Be it a day old child or a fully grown man, to have an appropriate diet is necessary to lead a healthy life. Newborns are too cute to handle and we cannot agree more! But when it comes to food, they throw a zillion tantrums which are natural. You know what they say: you can bring the broccoli to baby, but you can't make them eat. Therefore, feeding a baby doesn't always go smoothly. It becomes messy and unmanageable at times!

So, whatever feeding choice you make for your baby, be it breastfeeding, bottle feeding or snacking, you should stock your kitchen with some necessary baby feeding products.

At Baby’s Arrival, we stock a huge range of feeding accessories, as well as baby muslins which come in handy for mopping up the mess when it's time for a tiny burp!


At mealtimes, the baby has three options to keep little tummies satisfied: breast milk, bottle milk or baby food. Whichever you may pick, one thing that is sure is spilled food and a lot of yucky. To avoid that, we have got you and your little one covered with Bibs!

There’s a variety of bibs to choose from at Baby’s arrival, drool bibs, plastic bibs, bibs with pockets to catch the mess. Our collection includes waterproof, easy-to-clean bibs that can contain the overflow and keep your baby’s cute outfits clean.


Things get chaotic when the baby switches from breast milk to real food. Stuck suction bowl with extra strong base helps the baby to learn self-feeding without spilling that yummy food on them or on you.

At baby’s arrival we have cutlery that’s easier for their little fingers to grip. The bowls, plates, spoons, forks, etc. come in bright colors and smooth shapes that are just-right for playing the airplane game!


It's a good idea to invest in muslins so you can adapt to your little one's tidiness. Having it is essential to keep your baby germ-free. It’s also important that you clean the muslin frequently and thus it's advisable to own a multi-pack, so you never run out of one. We've got singles and sets of muslin clothes which you might need for dinnertime with the baby.

Until your child turns to an age where he/she starts becomes less agile while eating, these are your go-to buddies for secure and comfortable eating! Happy Feeding!