2019 flew away in a blink of an eye, don't you agree? We're in the eighth month of the year and the super-amazing winter season is around the corner, already! Winter brings with it, lots of good vibes, festivity, snow and thus, cold!


Marshmallow and hot coffee can help us grown-ups to survive through the season but what about the tiny little ones? Newborns are sensitive to extremely warm drinks, particularly caffeine and therefore it's a big no-no for the breastfeeding mother as well to consume coffee. The most organic way to keep them warm is to wrap them up in a cuddly soft swaddle.


Attention sleep-deprived parents! According to pediatricians, swaddling helps a baby to take longer sleep without any crying casualties. It's high time you get home some smooth swaddles for your newborn and have some sound baby-sleep for yourself too.


While picking a swaddle for your newborn, there are certain things to keep in mind.

Babies like to move! The right kind of swaddle helps the baby to move freely without feeling restless, uncomfortable and restricted. It should be breathable enough to avoid over-heating and to feel like a cocoon while providing the necessary stretch to the baby at the same time.

It must be smooth and soft so that it feels good to the baby as well as the parents since they’re going to carry them often.

Swaddles come in many different shapes, sizes, and types. You can explore them here.


The newborn babies are delicate and are used to their mother’s womb. They like to be warm and feel snuggled. Being wrapped in a swaddle that’s soft as a mother’s touch, prevents the baby from feeling uncomfortable and cranky. Finding the right swaddle blanket can help you and the baby to have a lovely time together, round the clock.


Baby’s arrival has come up with multiple swaddles and blankets options to choose from. Right from easy-to-use swaddle ups, transitioning swaddles to muslin blankets and multi-swaddle kits, we have it all to keep your little one warm and happy. These classic pieces will let your toddler have a long and peaceful sleep while you enjoy your hot cup of marshmallow in the coming winters.